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The Sit-Stand Desk At Mscape

Beyond the well-documented health benefits of standing while you work at a computer, you may be surprised at just how much more work you can get done.  The sit-stand desk is not a new concept but has been gaining in popularity over the last several years, well, because the number of hours per day we spend working at a computer has risen rapidly over the last decade.  The article Sitting is the new smoking.” provides some demos on how to “get a work out in while you work.”  If you are looking for a new sit-stand desk for your home or office, be sure to visit Mscape in SOMA, San Francisco where we offer the latest in ergonomic office furniture and the expertly designed standing desk by Jesper Office.  Check out these tips for creating the healthy work station and watch this video for a closer look or stop by Mscape Modern Interiors and start working out while you work!

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