New intros from Nathan Anthony now available in San Francisco at Mscape - Mscape Modern Interiors
Nathan Anthony Furniture San Francisco

Made in California, the expertly crafted furniture from Nathan Anthony unveiled some new models for their 2016 collection.  Several new intros from Nathan Anthony debuted at the recent High Point Market including the Elan:

Nathan Anthony Elan Sofa

“Elan features a tiled geometric arm & back, a nod to 20th c. Dutch artistic movement “De Stijl” – abstract art and architecture which focused on simplified visual vertical and horizontal lines in an asymmetrical arrangement”Tina Nicole, Designer

The Wilshire

Nathan Anthony Wilshire Sofa

and the stunning Minx sofa

Nathan Anthony Furniture

Timeless, tailored, and most importantly, supremely comfortable.  Visit Mscape Modern Interiors in San Francisco to see Nathan Anthony furniture in person, including the award-winning Bonn sofa.