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Innovation Furniture: Expanding Your Space


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Innovation Sofa Beds

The Grand D.E.L. Sofa Bed is currently in stock at Mscape as part of the Innovation Sofa Bed Collection.  Like the name implies, Innovation furniture strives to expand your space with a line of expertly crafted and cleverly designed sleeper sofas.

Innovation Grand Sofa Bed San Francisco

Another staple of the 2016 Mscape Furniture Collection is the Longhorn.  Designed to be viewed from all angles, these sleeper sofas often belie the fact they fold out to accommodate guests with a comfortable bed.

See how they work then visit to view the entire collection.

Offered in a variety of colors, each sofa is in stock in California and offered through Mscape Modern Interiors in San Francisco.  Email for current stock, pricing, and more info.

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