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White Artistico Dining Table

This is a common question here at Mscape, “What extension dining tables do you have?”  Our answer?  “Too many to choose from!”  Let’s take a look at some of the best extension dining tables available at Mscape:

The Artistico


An elegant pedestal offered in 5 colors meets a superior extension mechanism to go from either 63″ to 94″ or 75″ to 114″.  The Artistico is a mainstay on the showroom floor.  Offered in a variety of anti-scratch glass colors, this table offers a no frills, self-storing solution that is easy to maintain for years to come.

The Brindisi

Trica extension dining table

The Brindisi table is a go to for growing families.  Offered in 2 sizes, you can choose from over 15 metal colors to pair with 6 anti-glare and anti-scratch glass colors to create a durable extension dining table custom made to suit your space.  Looking for solid wood?

The Axis Extension Table

Offered in 6 sizes and 5 modern wood finishes, the Axis table matches a flawless extension mechanism with the timelessness of solid wood to solve a notoriously difficult solid wood extension table.  Made in Vermont, Copeland Furniture has been available at Mscape to see and touch for several years with our lowest price guarantee.  Show us your qualified offer for Copeland, and we will price match while providing superior customer service from purchase point until your first dinner!  Copeland offers a variety of extension tables in both walnut and cherry, including the Catalina round extension table that opens to an oval to seat 6.  Looking for a combination of wood and metal?

The Omnia


The omnia table by Calligaris provides a stylish extension table solution in  a combination of customizable materials.  Offered in several sizes, wood, glass and ceramic tabletops and bases, Calligaris products arrive in the Bay Area in just 4-6 weeks.   Like Copeland, show us your qualified offer for any Calligaris product, and we will price match while providing superior customer service from purchase point until your first dinner!  Looking for a slightly more rustic version?

The Katsura

Maria Yee Extension dining table

The Katsura extension dining table by Maria Yee is one of several options available from the San Jose, CA based company.  Available in 6 finish colors, the Katsura provides a more rugged and substantial looking table, custom made to order and available for delivery to the Bay Area in 12 weeks.  Maria Yee is known for exquisite craftsmanship that pairs well with modern, classic and traditional styles.  Need something bigger?

The Aron

Bontempi Dining Tables

The Aron extension also designed and made in Italy by Bontempi is in stock in the US and ready for quick delivery to the Bay Area.  Offered in 2 sizes, the max extension goes to 10′ with seating for 12 and closes to 79″ when you don’t need the extra space.  If you’re at the opposite end of the spectrum space-wise, but still need the additional seating to accommodate the occasional dinner party, we’ve got you covered there too!

The Duo

The Duo rectangular extension table is in stock in San Francisco and ready for immediate delivery to your home.  When closed the 3′ x 4′ table provides ample space for 4 people.

The Duo doubles the tabletop space to an 8′ x 3′ surface once open to seat up to 10 people!


There are several more options to consider but this should certainly be enough to get you started planning your space.  Need help?  We offer a one hour in home interior design consultation to help you with space planning and color coordinating whether you are starting from scratch, replacing a hand-me-down, or just adding a new piece to an already coordinated interior.  We’ve seen and heard it all.

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