Eilersen sofas now available in the San Francisco Bay Area at Mscape. - Mscape Modern Interiors
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Mscape Modern Interiors is excited to announce the arrival of several new makes and models of contemporary Eilersen sectionals and sofas now available to the San Francisco Bay Area!  Eilersen has been perfecting furniture design providing a remarkably sophisticated and expertly crafted line of sectionals and sofas for more than 100 years.

Eilersen Sofas available in San Francisco at Mscape

Today the fourth generation has propelled the factory and the eilersen trademark into the next millennium.  The name itself is synonymous with quality and eilersen has a fantastic, world-wide reputation for its sofas. several models have already risen in stature to classics, while the rest simply provide daily enjoyment for many years.

Eilersen furniture is the result of proud traditions and modern development. as such, the creation of every piece of furniture is based on genuine craftsmanship and fashion-conscious design. To many people an “eilersen” is also a unique feeling of comfort… or as we say “enjoy an eilersen!”

Eilersen Sofas Mscape SF


Visit Mscape now open 7 days per week with free parking to see some of these contemporary furniture classics in person.  Contact info@mscapesf.com for more info.

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