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Modern Recliner Sofa San Francisco

Yes, recliner sofas have made a big comeback and this time, they’re well designed!  These are not your parents oversized recliners or the prototypical La-Z-Boy.  Several manufacturers have focused on more minimal, sleeker designs, with options designed to multi task with a single sofa.  We get several requests for recliner sofas because let’s face it, we’d rather be comfortable at home than live in a modern magazine spread while we binge watch the latest series.  We have so many options available for special order, we’ve decided to separate this feature based on some common furniture shopping constraints: Design, Time, and Comfort.  Generally the process takes into consideration all three, the extent to which is based on your personal preference.  Let’s take a closer look at some featured recliner sofas:

The Yorbita

white-leather-recliner-sofa yorbita

Available in Pure White 100% top grain leather for delivery to the Bay Area in just one week, the Yorbita is part of the motion leather sectional collection by Moroni.  Make your decision by Tuesday and be lounging on your new sofa by Saturday.  Moroni keeps their collection in stock in Los Angeles making it accessible to the US audience at an extremely competitive price point.  With a lead time of 12-14 weeks, you can select your own leather color from an impressive set of options available to view in store.  Or if you are looking for a darker leather color for less upkeep,

The Ellie

Black Leather Reclining Sofa

Motorized Leather Recliner

The Ellie is available in a rich black leather as a sofa, loveseat, and chair for quick delivery in the Bay Area.  This “nap machine” flattens out for first class reclining with the touch of a button.  Several of the leather sofas offer a nod to Mid-Century design but not the Ellie.  This one is a no frills, bulky yet ergonomic furniture solution for the customer who doesn’t want to put too much thought into a piece intended to help you unwind and relax.  The Ellie has received rave reviews from everyone who has purchased one, even if it was not their intent to bring home a recliner in the first place.  The Ellie is also available as a sectional sofa with the same set of leather options as the Yorbita all of which are available to see here in store.  With the benefit of time on your side, you have even more sophisticated, custom made, leather recliner options to choose from,

The Dream

This recliner sofa is offered in several leather and water-repellant fabric options by the Italian master craftsmen at Nicoline.  Also available with an articulating headrest, the Dream conceals the mechanism with an expertly tailored quilted leather look.  Whereas seaming often belies the quality of a leather furniture piece, Nicoline chooses to feature them with this design.

Modern Italian Recliner Sofa Modern Italian Recliner Sofas

If you are looking for a larger, more substantial and modern look, we introduce,

The Shelley Tech

From the Leather Motion Sofa Collection by Nicoline, we introduce a furniture design classic loaded with modern features.  The Shelley is available in several leathers for 12-14 week delivery to the Bay Area with enough configurable pieces to make a large sectional in the living room or home theater, including optional curved storage compartments to give it a gentle curvature.

Modern Leather Reclining Sofa

This is the sofa you want to watch 12 hours of football on during Thanksgiving!

Modern Leather Sofas

Other options include built in shelves, articulating headrests, and embedded Bluetooth speakers for the ultimate movie watching experience!

Sofa with bluetooth speakers

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