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Since 2003, we have focused on pure classic contemporary furnishings, from North America and Europe. We have strived for a look that was both of the moment, and could be relied upon to be timeless. Design, Scale, Materials, Engineering, Quality and Detail, these are primary criteria for vendors and product we choose. And we look for Value. Exquisite furniture does not have to be obscenely expensive.

Mscape Modern Interiors

Our Values are to guide you towards decisions that will solve your design challenge and do it in a way that is totally focused on your ultimate satisfaction with your choices and a design solution that you are proud of for many years. Trends and Fashions come and go in an endless circle, but we strive for product that is a lifetime solution, product that you appreciate more and more as the years go by.

Keep in mind that while we are limited in the amount of product we can show, we offer many quick ship programs, and custom order is virtually limitless All of the products we show have deep choices of options and co-existing product. Each item is generally a gateway to a solution. Indeed, each dining table shown in our Italian Bontempi line has over 6600 various permutations of that table . While amazingly, the entire Bontempi line by itself offers almost 7 million different skus of product. The choices are almost limitless.

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Feel free to ask questions about product, what options are available, what things you should consider in making your decisions. How to incorporate and work with existing features of your room that you want to retain. We want your choices to truly solve your design challenge and leave you satisfied with your decision and we are here to work with you in going down that path. Our staff has many years of everyday experience with modern interior design. We can and will give sound advice. Good Design solutions imply avoiding mistakes.

Mscape Modern Interiors

We are here to serve your needs and guide you through a process that can seem challenging, but ends up being interesting and rewarding and can unlock the beauty of your home. Just ask us questions , we will help you.